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Are you making spaghetti or going somewhere to eat spaghetti? Then be sure to check out these frequently asked questions for spaghetti makers and spaghetti eaters.

  • Frequently asked questions about making spaghetti

It's up to you to decide: 2 portions, 5 portions, 20 portions, 100 portions... You can serve spaghetti with friends or colleagues in a large room, but you can just as easily host a few people at home.It's up to you to decide: 2 portions, 5 portions, 20 portions, 100 portions... You can serve spaghetti with friends or colleagues in a large room, but you can just as easily host a few people at home.

As a partner, you provide the ingredients for your spaghetti yourself. You can, for example, sell drinks or dessert the evening itself and use the income from these to offset your costs a little. ATTENTION: Inform your guests whether or not they will be charged for drinks, and whether or not you will be offering a (payable) dessert. As a spaghetti maker, you can consult the list of your guests at any time and contact them by e-mail.

There are 3 options for drinks: 1. You offer drinks (e.g. water and wine) to your guests, without them having to pay for them. This can be done in case you don't have too many guests. 2. You offer drinks for a fee (with this income you can possibly partly cover the cost of the spaghetti ingredients) 3. You ask your guests to bring drinks. ATTENTION: in all three cases, it is important to inform your guests so that they know whether or not to provide drinks or cash. As a spaghetti maker, you can consult the list of your guests at any time and contact them via email.

The spaghetti fest will take place on Saturday 25 November at noon and in the evening. You can choose whether you want to host people in the afternoon and/or evening, and you can also specify one or more time slots when registering. If you want to organise several shifts, make sure you provide enough time per shift! (minimum one and a half hours per shift) Ask your guests to respect the start and end time of the shift. As spaghetti maker, you can consult the registration list at any time and contact your guests by e-mail.

In principle, anyone can sign up for your spaghetti dinner via the site. Brussel Helpt wants to bring people together for a good cause and for a cosy meal! If you prefer not to receive strangers, you can invite your friends or family to buy your spaghettis immediately after registration. You can follow on the site how many spaghettis your event sells and BRUZZ will also send you a list with the final number, names and contact details the day before the event.

Advertise to neighbours, family, friends and colleagues: tell them about Brussel Helpt and convince them to buy spaghettis from you. Send them the link of your spaghetti event via e-mail or Whatsapp.

Via email. As a spaghetti maker, you can consult the list of your guests at any time and contact them by email. Your guests' email addresses may only be used for communication related to your spaghetti dinner, and must be deleted after 25 November.

Yes, it is definitely a good idea to advertise to all your contacts, friends, family and neighbours. BRUZZ provides you with digital banners that you can use in mailings or on social media.

BRUZZ will provide placemats, napkins, posters and a fun Brussel Helpt gadget. This package will be delivered to you no later than one week before the spaghetti fest.

The spaghettis are sold at 10 euros on the site. Buyers pay online. The money goes directly to Brussel Helpt. Buyers receive confirmation of their purchase in their mailbox. Note: if you have not received a confirmation e-mail, be sure to check your SPAM!

You can, but the sale of your spaghettis will not be managed via the Brussel Helpt website. Send an email to to discuss the possibilities.

You can customise your event on the website to open up more seats! Communicate well with your friends so that they order on time!

Make sure your photo is the right size, crop it a bit if necessary! If it still does not work, send us an email (

Write a short, funny text about your event. You can introduce yourself if you like. What makes your venue special? Why should people come and eat there?

The location is where you are organising the event: the address. You can choose the name of your event yourself: a play on words, for example, or a creative phrase. You can't go wrong with classics like 'Spaghetti at ...' either.

You are responsible for serving and setting the table. Do not hesitate to ask your friends or acquaintances for help, for example to borrow extra plates. Placemats and napkins are provided by BRUZZ: they will be delivered to you at least one week before the event.

The event doesn't have to take place in Brussels! If you organise it outside Brussels, do bear in mind that it will be more difficult for Brussels residents to get there. So make sure you tell your friends, neighbours and family about your spaghetti event!

BRUZZ takes care of the coordination and communication of the event, as well as the placemats and napkins to decorate your table. You can also contact BRUZZ if you have any questions! Send an email to

Yes! If you really cannot invite people to your home, but still want to show off your cooking skills and contribute, that is definitely an option! Just mention in the title and the description of your event that it is TAKE AWAY.

If you have extra money for Brussel Helpt (e.g. income from drink or dessert sales), you can give it to Brussel Helpt afterwards via a donation. On the homepage of this site, go to the "donate" button.

  • Frequently asked questions for those eating spaghetti

No, we do not offer children's portions. You can of course ask the maker for a smaller portion, but each serving of spaghettis costs €10. The money goes directly to charity.

This year, quite a few community centres will also be selling tickets at the counter. This can be done at the following locations: Muntpunt, GC De Kroon, GC De Linde, GC De Markten, GC De Rinck, GC De Zeyp, GC Den Dam, GC Essegem, GC Het Huys, GC Kontakt, GC De Kriekelaar, GC Nekkersdal, GGC Op-Weule, GC Ten Noey, GC Ten Weyngaert and GC WaBo.

You can buy spaghettis until Thursday 24/11 at noon. At 12h we will close the registrations and the makers will get a final list of who will eat at their place.

This will be paid directly to the non-profit organisation Straatverplegers. Among other things, they will use the money to install sustainable housing modules.

No, you have to have a reservation to eat spaghetti anywhere. Be sure to check the menu to see where servings are still available!

No, orders cannot be changed or refunded. 

That depends on the spaghetti maker. You will certainly be able to get a glass of water. Some venues offer drinks for a fee, or in some cases the host asks you to bring drinks. So read the description of your chosen spaghetti event carefully and keep an eye on your mailbox. The host/hostess can provide additional information via mail.