Brussel Helpt in corona times

Your health is important. So we are doing everything possible to ensure that this edition will take place in a corona-proof way. How are we doing that? 

1/ take-away: this year, we have deliberately opted for a take-away edition. That way, we avoid having too many people eating spaghetti in one place.

2/ for the spaghetti-makers: BRUZZ provides you with special cardboard boxes in which you can supply your spaghetti. That makes it easier to prepare the take-away meals and ensures you that collection will be smooth and quick. So no messing around with people bringing their own pots and you don't have to have people hanging around in your living room waiting for you to serve their portions. 

We also provide you with antiseptic gel, so that people collecting spaghetti from you can disinfect their hands before receiving their order. And you also get a special Brussel Help face mask.

3/ for people who have ordered spaghetti

We are providing all our Brussel Helpt cooks with the material (antiseptic gel, face masks) they need, not just to prepare delicious spaghetti for you in a safe way, but also to receive and serve you in a safe way when you come to collect your meal.

Please wear a face mask when you collect your meal; disinfect your hands before taking it; and please follow the instructions of your Brussel Helpt cook.