Make spaghetti

Interested in cooking for a good cause? Great!

The first step is to let the world know that you will be one of the cooks for the Biggest Spaghetti Fest in the World.

You can do so by creating your spaghetti event via the form below. On the form, you can indicate how many portions you will cook, what sort of spaghetti you are making, and when people can come to collect their orders from you. That way, you can avoid everyone turning up on your doorstep at the same time.

Your spaghetti event will then appear on this website, so that people can register to order your spaghetti.

Wondering how many portions you’re going to have to make? You can check that any time via this website. In the confirmation mail you receive from us, all that will be clearly set out. 

---- Find out how we are making this edition completely corona-proof

Any problems with the creation of your spaghetti event? Contact us and we will be happy to help.