Participate in the Great Brussel Helpt Spaghetti Fest on Saturday 26 November 2022, for the benefit of vzw Kinumai.

Founded in late 2020, Kinumai is working to make the city more accessible to people with mobile disabilities, often wheelchair users.

Kinumai is Ancient Greek and means 'I move' or 'I set in motion'.

Today, Kinumai focuses on two concrete measures: the installation of mobile ramps at catering and commercial establishments, and the development and promotion of a network of accessible toilets. >> More on Brussel Helpt and Kinumai.

Supporting Brussel Helpt and Kinumai can be done in 3 ways:


  1. ORDER SPAGHETTI: drum up friends and family and have a delicious spaghetti dinner at a Brussels resident's home or an organisation near you. Please note that booking in advance is necessary and can be done via the button 'Eat spaghetti' below. - Unfortunately you can no longer register for a dinner.
  2. MAKE SPAGHETTI: get cooking yourself and invite Brussels to come and eat spaghetti at your place. You can do so by registering your spaghetti event via the button 'Make spaghetti'. - This is no longer possible.
  3. DONATE: make a donation via the 'Donate' button below. - This is still possible :-)

Brussels already makes 14 spagehttis

Brussels already eats 0 spaghettis

Removing the thresholds

Do you normally never turn down a delicious plate of spaghetti but unfortunately have other plans for 26 November? Then you can still do your bit for Kinumai.

Donate and help Kinumai build a structure that allows the initiative to expand its operation in a sustainable way. With the support of Brussel Helpt, Kinumai also wants to establish a community of wheelchair users to reach solutions even faster.

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